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Our Approach

For each project, we individually determine the most suitable product to provide the exact solution you are looking for. Carefully selecting high quality products and accompanying accessories, we offer a complete custom-designed package from initial enquiry to final delivery.


In preparing a custom-made project plan, we design and re-design drawings, create inquiries for production companies and check transport possibilities.


Once a client order is placed and the project is confirmed, we send the order to the relevant production companies. A transport plan is then organized with our logistic partners, as well as container loadings and the required documents if needed.

Small orders are collected in our warehouse and transported to the right delivery addresses, while we may also be able to deliver standard pre-insulated pipes and fittings from our stock.


We conduct a rigorous non-destructive testing regime to prove our integrity and compliance with customer needs, as well as with ISO certification and a lot of our production companies meets the environmental requirements of 14001: 1998.


Exclusively for construction and mechanical projects, we can offer VCA* certified installation of pipes (adjusting, welding and post-insulation), or if desired, organize assembly instructions.


Our dedicated after-sales service includes keeping in regular contact with clients and providing expert maintenance assistance to resolve any severe equipment issues.